- Who is Darling Jones? (The E.P Breakin my Heart. Available on soundcloud) -

Darling Jones is as much of an enigma to us as he is to you. The self described “Banksy of rap”  was discovered by an intern who heard him rapping acapella in Maria Hernandez park in Bushwick we tracked him down and a week later he showed up at our office with a notepad and a pen and told us to produce his music. All we know about him is that he has been or could still be homeless. He drinks a lot of brandy and he has some funny punchlines. He made us promise to never show his image so all we have is a bunch of photos we took of his homeless friends.

Darling jones - New york (I'm a leave you)

darling jones - I ain't got no fans

Darling jones - Ai Weiwei