Informação e Carne

In his own words...

Sweet smell of degradation. Informação e Carne (Information and Meat) is a futuristic mood piece, an alternative hip-hop album, and an abstract neo-noir musical narrative. Diving within the filth of a dystopic metropolitan mindset. Rafael de Toledo brings a raw fusion of sounds blending hip-hop, synthwave, drone and punk music into eight nightmarish tracks filled with delusional and surreal characters, events and places that defy imagination. 

Hailing  from Ponta Grossa Brasil, Rafael is no stranger to the weird obscenities of daily life, producing the entirety of the project himself as a soundscape to the living filth he was once part of. Inspired by the likes of John Carpenter, Arrigo Barnabé and Phillip K. Dick, Rafael has been producing weird art for almost a decade, spanning from music to video  installations. 

Informação e Carne is a nostalgic look at the futuristic degradation that seems to be affecting us NOW.

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Informação e Carne (A short film)