- E.P. - Point Motion

In 1991 Dj HobG began his career with a love of Hip Hop , Techno and House. After winning the 1992 SA DMC title, the path of being a vinyl manipulator came all too naturally. After playing in most of the states clubs and many raves, it was time to start creating and collaborating with other producers and artists. Scratching to live techno with the likes of DCE and Oblivionyx certainly caught the attention of the crowds who loved the harder edge live techno sets.

After several stints living in London and broadening his musical horizons it was time to start developing his own style of music and beat making . Teaming up with Dj R-Gon they formed Modemasters, with Antony Coppens joining several years later. The musical chemistry between Dj HobG and Antony was more than apparent which led to the forming of Primary PA. With a huge variety of influences and styles between them, they enjoy constantly evolving their sound from phat urban joints to banging techno beats.

Antony was  born into a musical family , his natural toys of choice were musical instruments. Ever since he can recall he has being playing piano and also gravitated towards the cello and other instruments. His love of techno, funk, jazz , and hip hop was a natural progression from the music that surrounded him. 
In 1992 he joined a high school friend and started producing what is now considered some of Adelaides pioneering techno tunes. It was a hard edge sound that helped define the vibe of the Adelaide techno scene. 

This was when Antony and HobG had first played live together, also one of the first times many people had witnessed live keyboards and turntable scratching with techno beats in Australia.
After 5 years and 5 releases , new musical directions were taken, releasing both solo works and music with  other musicians .It  wasn't until 2015 that they joined forces again . Then in 2017 as an  off chute of this they formed Primary PA. Their sound traverses many different musical styles from techno, house, to urban funk and jazz, always maintaining a unique take on what ever they choose to produce.

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